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What to expect

DJ Sage silent disco experiences are all about having embodied fun with enriching content, by offering bespoke playlists that help re-connect you back to yourself and each other, in fun, innovative and inclusive ways.

Through the joy of music, you are given opportunities to move and feel free, express yourself, experience deeper connection and to remember what it is to be human again, in a profound and heart-warming way.

Music has the power to touch us in different and deeper ways, making each event a unique experience. With a mixture of dancing and singing, mindfulness-based awareness activities. reflective questions and talking, stories, and opportunities to share ideas, feelings and emotions, you’ll be given opportunities to feel more peace, joy and freedom.

This diverse range of activities, set to a backdrop of music and themes, adds an injection of surprise and curiosity that is bound to encourage interaction.

DJ Sage events give you new opportunities to create unforgettable experiences, every single time. The bespoke content you enjoy can then be used as a resource to take away with you.




We offer bespoke themed

events which promote:

  • Mental health & Wellbeing

  • Increased sense of connection

  • Team-bonding & building empowerment.

  • Each events lasts between 1 - 2 hrs

  • No of participants:  10 - 50 


Price from £10 per person



We offer bespoke themed workshops/talks which promote:

  • Mental health awareness

  • Coping with stress & anxiety

  • Self-esteem & confidence

  • Connecting with yourself & others

  • Workshops lasts 1 - 2 hrs

  • No of students:  10 - 50 


Contact for pricing & availability





We offer bespoke themed

parties which promote:

  • Connecting with yourself & others

  • Immersing yourself in fun 

  • Celebration of friendship

  • Making memories

  • Each party lasts between 1 - 2 hrs

  • No of attendees:  10 - 50 


Price from £10 per person

We offer bespoke themed

parties which promote:

  • Bringing families together

  • Reconnecting with those you love 

  • Harmonsing family time 

  • Appreciating life together

  • Each party lasts between 1 - 2 hrs

  • No of attendees:  10 - 50 


Price from £10 per person

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