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About Angie

Angie Disney
Creative Director

I am a passionate and dedicated Australian who believes that life can be fun and meaningful, no matter what challenges come our way. As a teacher, a drama facilitator, an emotional wellbeing and recovery coach, I have a strong desire to help you recognise and express the beauty and love you have inside yourself.

My journey hasn’t always been easy. After struggling with alcohol addiction for over 10 years, I eventually hit rock bottom and finally realised that I needed help. My commitment and conviction to claiming back my own inner strength during one year in rehabilitation, has led to over 7 years of sustained recovery, resulting in a complete transformation of my life and the way I teach.

My mission is to inspire you to lighten up and feel free to be more of your authentic self. I do this by sharing the thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and experiences I have, so that together, we can grow. Through the joy of liberating music and dance, we explore empowerment strategies that uplift and heal you from the inside, out.

Whether it’s through interactive and inclusive workshops or one-to-one coaching, my vision is to inspire you to experience the world in different ways, by reconnecting you back to yourself and each other, in fun, innovative and creative ways.

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